Week 9 – October 21st, 2014 – Game Link and Review

Hello, class!

Here are the things we will do today:

1. Practice typing for 20 minutes. Go to AST or BBC.

2. Go to the links below and play the games. Choose the website you like the most.

3. Copy the link and put it on your blog.

4. Write a short paragraph about why this was your favorite website, and describe the game.

5. Write at least 50 words in your paragraph.

Here are the links:

Where’s Waldo? (Deep Sea Divers)

Where’s Waldo? (The Future)


The Adventures of Tintin 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Post name: (name of the game you like) “Where’s Waldo (The Future)”

My favorite game is Where’s Waldo? You can play the game here.

I like this game because it is very exciting and fun. The picture is so cool with so many people in it! Some of the people in the picture move, and it’s very fun to look at. But, this game is so difficult. There is a long list of things I have to find. The things are very difficult to find. Some of the things are very small, so I can’t see them easily in the picture. Sometimes I don’t know who I am supposed to be looking for, so I have to do some research to understand who the characters are. In conclusion, I love games that are a little difficult but fun. I also love looking for things! That is my favorite kind of game. Click on the link and try the game for yourself!

*If you haven’t finished your work from before, finish them in class now!

1. Unit 1 Quiz writing

2. Unit 2 Quiz writing

3. Add to Teacher Sunny’s Class

4. Post your link to your blog

5. Game link and review


Week 5 – September 30th, 2014 – Adding into Teacher Sunny’s Class and Creating a Link

Hi class!

These are the things we are going to do today:

1. Practice AST and BBC typing.

2. Create a link!

a. Go to your blog home page.

b. Copy the web address.

c. Highlight the word you want to make the link on.

d. Click to the “link” button on the toolbar.

e. Paste your web address.

f. Click “add link”.

g. Then say something about your blog.

What kind of things you would like to share with your readers.

3. The next thing is to add your blog to my class.

a. Go to “my class”.

b. Click “join a class”

c. Type “teachersunny” in the search bar.

d. Click “send a request to join class”.

After you have done both things, you can play the games on the CALL website.


Week 4 – September 23rd, 2014 – Posting your ESL Writing

Hello class!

Everyone should have their blogs all set up. Here are the things we need to do today:

1. Practice 2 lessons of AST.

2. Go to BBC Typing and finish Level 2.

3. Log in to your blog and go to “Posts” and click “Add new”

4. Today you will type your writing from your Unit 1 Quiz in ESL Class.

5. Your title will be:

 ESL Unit 1 Quiz Writing.

6. After you have finished typing, click “Publish”

7. After you have finished, you can take some time to “customize” your blog.


Week 3 – September 16th, 2014 – Sign up for an Edublog

Hello Class!

Here are the things we will be doing today:

1. We are going to sign up for your blogs today.

Go to Edublogs and click on sign up.

Fill-in all of your information. Remember to use the same username and same password you use for your email.

Username: 80204sunnychang

Password: 123shinmin

2. After you have gotten your new blog account, send your blog address to my e-mail.

Example:       http://teachersunny.edublogs.org

Title your e-mail like this: 80102sunnychang’s blog

3. Type 2 lessons in AST.

4. Finish typing all 3 sections of Level 1 in BBC Dance Mat Typing.


Week 2 – September 9th, 2014 – Typing and E-mail

Hello class!

Did you sign up for your new email yet? If you haven’t, please tell me why you didn’t do it yet. Don’t forget to send your email to me.

Here are the things we will do today:

1. Make sure I got your email.

2. Write an email to someone in your class. Make sure they got your email. This is what you should write in your email:

a. Your name

b. One sentence about why you like your friend.

Example:          a. My name is Sunny.

                              b. I like you because you are nice and smart.

3. Start the AST typing program. Today we will do Lesson 1.

Typing in English is very important for this class. We will type our blogs all in English. So, we will practice typing every day for 15 to 20 minutes using the AST program.

Let’s take some time today to practice typing properly.

4. After you have practiced 2 lessons in AST, go here to do a typing game.


Week 1 – September 2nd, 2014 – Setting Up a New Email

Hello class!

Welcome to your first CALL class! In this class, we will be doing blogging for most of the time. The first thing we are going to do is to create a new gmail email account that you will use for this class.

1. When you make the new account, your username is your classnumberfirst name and last name

Example:        [email protected]

Everyone’s email address must look like this! You will use this username and password for all the things you do in CALL class.

2. After you have finished setting up your new email, you need to send an email to me. My email address is:

[email protected]

In your email, you need to tell me 3 things:

1. Name

2. Username

3. Password


1. Sunny Chang 

2. 80204sunnychang

3. 123shinmin

Once you have sent me your email, come to me, and I will check off your name on my list.

Go to gmail to sign up for a new email.


June 20th, 2014 – Make a Marvel Comic

Hello class,

This week, we are going to create a Marvel comic.

1. First you will need to register. After you register, you can save the comic and post it to your blog.

Go here.

Please make sure that all of your blogs are up to date. These are the posts you must have:

a. Winter Vacation

b. Unit 7 Quiz Writing

c. Graffiti of your name

d. Unit 8 Quiz Writing

e. Compass Questions

f. Coming to Brazil

If all of your work is finished and you still have time, do a Compass lesson.



June 13th, 2014 – World Cup 2014

Hello Class!

There are only 2 more CALL classes left!

Today we are going to do a World Cup assignment.

Go here.

Watch the video, and write 5 suggestions you hear the people give the tourists for going to Brazil on your blog.

Write at least 5 suggestions! Write in complete sentences!

Title of your blog: Coming to Brazil


If you haven’t finished your blog posts from before, finish them!

These are the things you should already have:

a. Winter Vacation

b. Unit 7 Quiz Writing

c. Graffiti of your name

d. Unit 8 Quiz Writing

e. Compass Questions

Have fun!


April 7th, 2014

Hello, class!

Here are the things you will do today:

1. Make sure you are using the English system on your computer. It will be faster when you are practicing for your Educities competition. If you need to type something in Chinese, remember to add the Chinese keyboard.

2. Practice typing first.

3. If you haven’t finished your blog posts from before, finish them before your practice!

These are the things you should already have:

a. Winter Vacation

b. Unit 7 Quiz Writing

c. Graffiti of your name

d. Unit 8 Quiz Writing

e. Compass Questions

 4. Go here to log-in to Educities.